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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Welcome to Our World! Real Life Experiences with Expert Insight

Educational - Relatable - Applicable to Real Life

Hi everyone! My name is Janee Wise-Jansen and I am a dog trainer/educator, dog lover, and dog guardian. I currently have 2 hilarious Golden Retrievers who I would give anything for! Hamilton is 5 years old and was a service dog in training until he was 1.5 years old when he got re-careered for leash reactivity. And then there is Summit, our almost 3 year old who was a service dog training for about 3 months before he also got re-careered for being far too friendly (EVERYONE is his friend!). We could not be luckier to have these 2 amazing beings in our lives.

As for me, I have my bachelors degree in Animal Science with minors in Psychology and Entrepreneurial Studies from Iowa State University (GO CYCLONES!) and just finished my masters degree in Animal Behavior and Conservation at Hunter College in NYC. There's a trend there, isn't there. I have always been an animal lover and explored many different career paths before I got here. I thought maybe I could be a veterinarian, that was a definite no when I almost fainted watching a knee cap replacement in a dog. Then I explored shelter work (those people are saints!) which I realized was too hard on my heart to pursue. And then I landed on dog trainer/educator which funny enough is the one thing I said I would NEVER DO and now here I am and love everything about it! Working with clients, helping them learn how to communicate with their dog makes my heart so happy and truly fulfills me.

My goal with this blog is to provide educational information that is relatable and applies to our real lives. I find that so many times trainers/educators/creators have these multi-faceted ways to achieve this, or stop that and it feels so far fetched. We don't all have hours to dedicate to our dogs training, enrichment, or exercise, so I want to provide realistic outlets, avenues, and training ideas that we can all use! I have also tried out MANY products, treats, toys, food puzzles, etc. and can give insight into what worked for us! The last thing I want to do is provide some explanation and deep dive into dog behavior to understand the root of what causes our dogs to act the way they do! Simply put, I want you and your dog to live in harmony together and have the best relationship possible!

Life with your dog should be fun.

I promise there will be hard days but remember to take a breath, evaluate the situation, and give your dog grace. Their goal in life is not to make yours harder. Our goal should be to make their existence the best it can be. You've got this! I believe in you!

This is going to be a journey and I'm so happy you're here with me!

This blog is meant to give you guidance, assistance, and reassurance that you are doing everything right! I'll give my honest feedback about products, dive deep into behavior, and show you how to simply enjoy life with your 4 legged friend.

If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns you can always email me at!

puppy kisses and tail wags,


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