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  • What are your guiding training principles?
    Our guiding principles at Golden Heart Dog Training are: -- utilize science based, positive reinforcement training to meet your dogs needs and acheive your training goals -- meeting your dogs physical, emotional, and mental needs through training, enrichment, and exercise -- addressing the underlying issues in your dogs behaviors to create alternative, preferred behaviors -- creating an atomsphere and approach to training that is understandable and sustainable lifelong -- creating training plans and protocols that have both the human and dog in mind
  • What area do you serve for in person training services?
    We focus our services mainly in Ames, Huxley, and Boone, IA but we have the potential to travel to surrounding areas as well! Contact us to see if you are located in our service area. We also offer virtual online sessions. Check out our PRIVATE TRAINING page!
  • What types of training tools do you use?
    We here at Golden Heart Dog Training think that it is incredibly important to follow and listen to science when it comes to the tools that we utilize. For that reason we advocate for the use of harnesses, head collars, flat buckle collars, and do not use e-collars, choke chains, or prong collars.
  • What if I prefer for my dog to wear one of the tools you do not recommend?
    We understand that everyone has come from different backgrounds in respects to the tools that are use with our dogs. With that being said, we will work with you on transistioning your dog off of these tools to more humane tools.
  • Where do you carry out the training sessions?
    We offer in home training, as well as group classes at Big Creek Pet Lodge. We have found that private training in your home and around your neighborhood allows for the best real life application of the skills we will teach you and your dog.
  • Do you use treats in training?
    YES! In order to reinforce your dog for performing the desired behavior it is critical to utilize reinforcements that your dog finds desirable and food tends to be the tool that works most frequently for most dogs. We have the ability to use a range of foods in a varitey of different environments to allow your dog to be successful. If your dog is not food motivated, no problem! We will find a source of reinforcement that we can use during our training sessions.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Here at Golden Heart Dog Training we understand that life happens. We want to make sure that we are fair in our expectation of clients while still running a business, for this reason we allow for cancellations but there must be at least 48 hour notice. We need to have the flexibility to put another client in your place. If cancelled within 48 hours we would be glad to refund you any payments made for that session or reschedule you appointment to a later date. Any session cancelled less than 48 hours before your designated time slot will result in a loss of your payment for that session and no reschedule will be available.
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