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Long line love - What's all the hype about?!

When you think of walking and exercising your dog what comes to your mind? Clipping on a 6 foot leash and walking your dog around the neighborhood? I challenge you to do better for your dog. You may ask, what is better than a walk around the neighborhood and I am here to tell you that a long line walk in a large open park is SO MUCH more fulfilling for your dog!

Let’s talk about what a long line walk is and its benefits. First off, a long line is a 15-30 foot leash (not retractable) made of a variety of materials which allows your dog more room for exploration and discovery in a safe manner. We tend to think that the only way we can allow our dogs more access to their environment is if we take them off leash and this simply is not true. Long lines should be used in open spaces where you dog does not have the ability to go into the street if they are at full extension!

Now for the benefits!

  1. Environmental engagement: simply put, your dog can sniff and engage with their environment which they find SO stimulating and rewarding!

  1. Physical exercise: just think about it, if your dog has 15-30 feet to run and explore, that’s how many more steps they can get as opposed to a standard 6 foot leash.

  1. Recall practice: we’ve all been there when we need our dog to come when called but we haven’t practiced in an environment as stimulating as the one you are in. The long line gives you ample opportunities to practice recalls safely in more distracting environments!

  2. Voluntary focus: just because your dog is on a long line and given the freedom to explore and engage with their environment does not mean that we can’t still reward for the behaviors we like! Reward your dog with a high value treat every time they look at you! It will pay off tremendously!

Here are some long lines I have tried and recommend.

1. My all time favorite is a biothane material which is weather resistant which I love because we use them in all weather. They dry so fast, don’t stink, and the tangle factor is minimal.

2. Another awesome option is a heavy duty rope long line. I have found that this material is very durable and does not knot very easily but does get dirty very easily.

* I will note that I have tried multiple nylon long lines that ended up knotting and breaking after over use which was partly my fault for not unknotting it and using it too long but I hated the fact that they had the ability to become that weak.

Take your dog out on a long line explorative walk and let us know what you think! Also follow us on Instagram @goldenheartdog for more training tips, advice, and educational information!

puppy kisses and tail wags,


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