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Always following the Golden Rule

Our goal here at Golden Heart Dog Training is to make dog training and education fun, accessible, and applicable to real life. We use science based training to address the underlying issues in your dogs behavior. We believe that everything we implement should benefit both the client and dog. We strive to create plans that empower owners, disperse relatable content, and distribute easy to digest information that makes working with your dog fun!




Hi! My name is Janee Wise and I have loved dogs ever since I can remember! It has always been my dream to help dogs in one capacity or another and while it took me trying out a couple different “industries” in the dog world to land in this one - boy am I happy to be here!

I am a dog educator and advocate. I coach clients on how to better communicate and interact with their dogs. Obedience always comes second to the dog’s emotional wellbeing. We work first on addressing your dog's needs before we dive into the obedience side of things. We incorporate enrichment, exercise, and training into your dog’s life which will allow them to live a fulfilled life and as a direct result, you as the owner will likely see a reduction in those things you call “problem behaviors.”

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Iowa State University and obtain my bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with minors in psychology and entrepreneurial studies. While at Iowa State I had the opportunity to intern at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in the behavior department and learned the ins and outs of behavioral evaluations and the tough choices that must be made in that environment. I then went on to get my master’s degree in Animal Behavior and Conservation at Hunter College in New York City, New York. While at Hunter College I had to privilege and opportunity to work directly with Karen Pryor (i.e., the clicker training guru) which allowed me great insight into a field I had yet to explore. After finishing my coursework in New Your City, I got a dog training opportunity in the Des Moines, IA area that allowed me to apply my scientific background into practical work. While working hands on with dogs I have learned a lot about how to apply operant and classical conditioning to alter a dog’s behavior and emotional state. I have had the opportunity to work one on one with hundreds of dogs, conduct private training lessons on a variety of issues, and teach group classes ranging from puppy to higher level obedience classes.


My passion lies in educating and empowering dog owners to create a long lasting, trusting relationship with their dog, enabling clearer communication and a happier home!

-Dog Educator & Owner,

Janee Wise

The Team!

GET TO KNOW, Hamilton

Meet Hamilton! He is a 3.5 year old Golden Retriever who became Janee's muse the moment she met him. Hamilton was slated to be raised to be a service dog for a wounded veteran but due to behavioral concerns that arose during training, he was deemed no longer a fit and Janee adopted him. 

While service work was not Hamilton's long term path, he ended up right where he was supposed to be. He and Janee enjoy playing tug, keeping up on his training skills, and going for walks everyday - yes, regardless of weather! Needless to say, these two make a great pair.



Tiffany M.

Janee is excellent! She is very knowledgeable, organized, and creative. We have been amazed at the progress our rescue dog has made since working with Janee. Janee is also a great listener and communicator; which is so important with training!

Janee is AWESOME! She listened to my concerns with my dogs and had a plan to help us before she even showed up at my house. She was flexible in scheduling and made it a point to work around my husband’s schedule so he could be there when needed.


We’ve only had Janee at our house three times so far, but it’s amazing all my dogs have learned. My daughter likes to have me show her friends the things they will do just by me making a hand gesture.


I would recommend Janee to anyone, whether you think your dog needs training or not. She’s so knowledgeable and kind. My dogs just loved her!

Kristie B.

I have had a fantastic experience working with Janee to address my dog’s anxiety/reactivity issues. She takes a wonderfully personalized approach to solving problems, gives clear instructions and is helpful in answering questions between sessions. She sends detailed notes and instructions for homework after each session, providing a great resource. And she’s friendly and fun and upbeat, too! I am so happy we found her!

Susan K.



We are excited to announce that we will be serving the Des Moines, Ames, and surrounding areas.
Please reach out to find out if you you are in our service area. 




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